Yaran: "Als Kind in deutschem Mietshaus" | nuhr ab 18

Kanal-Abo - Nichts verpassen: "Comedy"-Kanal: Yaran bei "nuhr ab 18" vom 27. Juli 2017:Der 30-jährige Berliner Osan Yaran spricht über seine Kindheit in einem deutschen Mietshaus, die Beziehung zu seiner Frau und einschneidende Erlebnisse in deutschen Kitas.

Rida Jan

Did no one see when alaïa threw up on the phone 1:53

Sergeant Shultz Bear

must be fake news. it's not from cnn, fox or nbc so we shouldn't trust it. Youtube says so.

Miguel Macías

Excelente contenido Guru, sigue haciendo esta clase de videos. Saludos desde Mexico

Having Fun Times

Why is Garret crying?

Chaiwat Musakka

Blocked in Sweden for some reason

I'm not trying to be rude but she's pretty much saying ignore the people trying to help you

The Vanguard

Litaraly always

Lizzy D

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coolstuff dudethings

How does he find these I call hacks

Shon West

2:20 lil sus

Gabby Henriksen

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Toronto fans were cheering when they realized KD was injured.

Арсений Даричев


Curl lay

That foster dadis disgusting amd needs a diet

random person

This should have been jennie's story....


S0 true, 2018!! lez go

Sandeep Royal

it is just osm.......

Shania Karim

So many things going on the screen but not a single clue about what's exactly happening! Nice training from #Endgame

Hannah Barsana

Shes so genius

Farris Elzaridi

its like they have aimbot

Josh Harris

You guys are so cute together and the music was amazing, best one so far.

The wild Potato

Luke looks like Harry KaneLike if u agree 👍

Vedant_la_ légende

Team Coby

Camo Thunder

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What's your favourite Star Wars movie Guru?


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Dana Moore



so typical of you Americans, acting like pills and drugs is the answer...

Kara's World

heres a funny story my mom was explaining a story of when my brother was born my sister had health problems six weeks later after birth she died a year later my mom gave birth to my brother he loves food BTW he was taken to the emergency room to be checked that he was normal but they kept him in anyway for five weeks with my mom but the doctor said 4 weeks later to another doctor have you fed him and the other doctor forgot to feed him the and thats why he loves food i found this out at 7 yrs old bc i asked

tyler shelton

That wuz beast


Like por qué. Me paso todo lo de la canción 😍✔️💕😭💔excelente letra no paro de escucharla 🎵🎶🎶

Bing Nova

My best friends mother died from a rare cancer. Her mother was one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. My friend gets bullied and has anxiety. I try to make her feel better every day.

bobs and vagene marley

i miss watching this back in 2015


love greaf


Yoohoo, big summer blowout