A Church Divided: Christians Debate Homosexuality

Is the "practice of homosexuality" compatible with Christian teaching? That question is at the center of a debate between progressive and conservative members of the United Methodist Church, one of the largest Protestant denominations in the United States. This debate is taking place at the same time that states and the U.S. Supreme Court are considering whether same-sex marriages are constitutional."A Church Divided" introduces viewers to the clergy, the couples, and the congregations battling to influence the Methodists' official policy towards gays and lesbians. This documentary was produced in collaboration with KQED.Credits:Producer: Adithya SambamurthyReporter: Matt SmithCamera and Editing: Adithya SambamurthySound: Michael BarnittSupervising editor: David RitsherSenior Producer:Stephen TalbotExecutive Producers: Joanne Jennings and Sharon TillerA CIR/KQED Co-production. 2013.


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2. Here's the film's writer joking that it's her "twin sister": https://twitter.com/cincopedia/status/772303063742750722

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