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Stephen King schrieb die Vorlage für viele erfolgreiche Fantasy-, Horror- und Dramafilme. Mit Büchern, wie Es und Shinning, hat er uns einen Schrecken nach dem anderen eingejagt.Ihr wollt mehr erfahren über den Mann hinter den Panzergläsern, wollt wissen warum man ihn nicht töten kann und wieviel er aus seinem Leben in seinen Geschichten einbaut? Dann schaut euch diese neue Faktenflut an. --Web:


3:52 that’s little baby is crying while giving a high five because of how much stuff he has on.


Is this real or fake I can't tell

sad yeehaw

Yeah James was great and all but can we talk about the Prom ensemble members 😩

Elizabeth McCartney

I'm the justifier...😓

Amar Karande

I feel bad for the people that had to be with with the rage monster

Hunter Eisenhart

I know Luke Brian’s step mom and dad

Who Easter eggs are traditionally HIDDEN.

zach1167 !

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Hana Hoop

Guru my good sir, could you inform me of the musical piece that plays at 7:45?

Panda Love

I'm English so no I'm not cheering for the USA

Dude: red leather, yellow leather, red leather, yellow leather

Kokichi Ouma

hope that elza gets a hot gf in this movie

Friends from The planets


Owen Thomas

how did they get the whole place to there self? and where were the twins?

Kay Johnson

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0:14 haha we can all still have children 🤣 nicely said

Cristina Delrosario

I like all of them

Jens Wouters


Cashel McElhatton


Gecko Treicko


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Jayla Clydesdale

It was so checkers like this if you knew that right away

ilikeredbull xxx

Y isn't he a QB ??

Jack Aldridge

Sorry for your loss... 🧡 You shouldn’t worry about us, take care of yourself. I can only imagine what you’re feeling right now 😞

ki11a cam07

Hey t I have a question when you where pitching what were you using over easy like t-ball or over hard like mlb


The gong ringer ball bringer

Elijah Elijah

My fav was the two-wheeler

(sorry for my bad english, im brazilian an im not soo good in english)

C. Lalrothanga

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Wow. Perfect timing, I just finished the first season

Mekhi Cronin

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Jolene Gutridge

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Magic Tv

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