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Proper AR The science guy

Ty ty

MJ 56

Wrestling room


giant dildo sticking out

Kyle Presley

2:25. Coolest shot ever made ever

cj martin

lol yup

its bopseason

2:19 the best out of every single one.😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀

Robin Evans

Please get brian shaw! he's the best

Edward Kenway

@KriptoniteHD Do you mean OpTic Jambi? because if it is and if u really just put that comment there then...WOW U ARE SUCH A FANBOY

Federal Star Allies

Comment section:95% my bday is March 244% hate and love comments1% original comments


wow....... Spooky


23:19 I laugh way to hard here

yamada brown

We all know we ordering the opposite sex lmaoo quit playing


anyone else see DJ Kelad on a name stand

Andrew Bennett

Ha lol

Remindink ذِكْر

president trump converting to islam on the following link: @

I Am Depressed


Mike 69

Fire 🔥 who agrees

Anna Dancer

Skyzone you should film there

Pengting Pop ‘em

I have a challenge.


i did to XD

Nove ヅ

Like the song :3

kawaii kate

First movie:DON'T USE YOUR POWERS!!!!!!!!!Second Movie:USE YOUR POWERS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SAVE US ALL!!!!!Me:The fuck!?

Amber Major

At the start of the first Frozen movie, the troll said something about how if she doesn’t have control over her power it would lead to danger. I always wondered why they didn’t put it in the first movie, Elsa fighting the monster inside her. So perhaps this is what Frozen 2 is about?

Griffin Grimes

Ballin up basketball trick shots 1 and 2... Take a look

My palms are sweaty

Zach Zach

Panda is going to win this thing

Edit: oh wait nvm 😂 btw how did she know all those things at the age of 3 and 5?

rebecca raine

Cory is amazing!

fathima nishana

I guess who it is from the beginning itself

Griffin Grimes

Yoooooooooooo check out ballin up basketball trick shots 1 and 2

Arpita Panda

Sorry but I can't understand why her dad did that?? Why didn't he stand by his daughter?? Why he killed her girlfriend and why he killed himself??

NaBil The OutLaw

Stormi's clothes could buy my parents house

TrGr WIngs

2019 anyone

Ally Mills

Smoking kills. It will not only effect you physically, but also your family emotionally. Stay healthy for you and your family. Say no to smoking.

Alexander Rystrom

garrett: the purple hoser and the guy that doesnt talk alot cody: tall guy and the guy that did a world record tyler: world record guy and the leader of the show twins: c1 only got picked once in wheel unfortunate c2 guy that is too unfortunate


Many easteregg 👇


title is misleading lol

Dominator _310

panda. iluv k1 speed

Shawn Shao

Everyone has killed something at their first breath

David Nielsen

Team TYLER😁👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😁😁😁😁😁😁👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

Emily Dalloz

How many patterns and lines do you want

Saad Haggouni

2:00 me in gta online when I want to buy a gun 😂😂😂😂😂like if you agree

Sooooo not big thing.

Eat ur mom Cakes

I remember following polo g on insta when he was at 100k. Congrats on 1mil big bro I always knew u were next up🐐❤️

Alex 1218

9/11 Part II

XxRoadman ChazzaxX

Who's the kid

Dox Deer Fox

Marbles will out live Jenna 😂

Michael Blair


TGI Snipez

R.I.P shifty man ;-;