Christian Modesty- Unfair Standards For Girls? | ft. Girl Defined

‘’Yep, we’re going there! In this video we talk about whether or not there really is a double standard when it comes to modesty or if we just need to readjust the way we are looking at things. Are our eyes and heart aligned with the way God sees things or the way the world sees things? We’re so happy to be joined by Kristen and Bethany from Girl Defined Ministries as we dive into this zesty topic! 🔥Check out the video we did on Girl Defined’s channel and subscribe to them!👇Defined’s website and book👇for being part of the P&M Fam!! SUBSCRIBE! Our Patreon:Time Donation:and Morgan MERCH IS HERE!👕a thumbs up if you enjoyed the vid! 🌴WATCH MORE! 👇LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS: TOPICSTO KNOW US: BOUNDARIES IN DATING:us on other sites! Instagram:and Morgan Instagram:Podcast: (search ‘The Morgan O Show’ on any podcast platform or click the links👇)

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This story feels so fake and fabricated... the moral of this story isn’t even there, like what is this even trying to accomplish? Painting lgbtq in a bad light for being accepted as a norm? Oh and nice for trying to have the girl presented in a sympathetic light, it just doesn’t work with the voice. This video being heavily painted with “opinions” feels kinda strange as it should be how people’s opinions DONT MATTER and that we should be whoever we want, and if it’s nit hurting anyone, support one another unconditionally.

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You guys are amazing.. Liked all of ur videos and feel very much happy watching your videos..My hero is Tyler though

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