Preserving Religious Freedom

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Other games: we pay homage to our former developers; we hide references to other games, etc.

Malak Zaki

yae yo write and money cant buy happyness or love

1UP Milk



My legs are numb now xD

Chris Hellriegel


try to get it famous

This video is so inappropriate

Meister Proper

my top 3 of rockstar are simply 1. red dead Redemption

Jeffrey John Naling

Before Remake

mudkip warrior

in multiple pokemon games i played they confirmed this


It happened to me... I almost died

John Franzen Lacerona

Thats why I don't bully girls man.and your also your gonna get arrested for hitting girls stupid boys

Lindsay Gaston

Ty why does he do all of the hard trick shots every time

camethor402 BED

I’m so sad what about if one of the sharks died because It been out of water to log


One thing that should be on hear is my honor was loyalty

Also this song is absolute fire

Joanna Forbes

Do video games

Giselle lozano

For sure taking my daughter on a movie date to watch this!! She is going to be way to excited!!😱🤪❤️

It would always be thoughts like "I feel like Jessica might not wear this, so I won't wear it as well"


Why do people actually dislike