Breaking North Korea Kim Jong Un finger on Nuclear Button & Iran Protesters Murdered January 2 2018

Breaking North Korea Kim Jong Un finger on Nuclear Button & Iranian Protesters Murdered January 2 2018 NewsBREAKING Man Made GLOBAL WARMING HOAX more PROOF Record LOW Temps January 1 2018 Man Made GLOBAL WARMING HOAX PROOF Severe Bitter Cold USA December 28 2017 News Citizens REVOLUTION protesting against ISLAMIC Government Breaking News January 1 2018 Anti government protesters being murdered by Iranian ISLAMIC police January 1 2018 Iranian Citizens Anti government protesters January 1 2018 Trump supports protesters says world watching Current Events Bible Prophecy End Times News Update January 1 2018 Middle East Current Events Bible Prophecy End Times News Update 2017 Putin Happy New Year 2018 Address Breaking News January 1 2017 1 2018 U2Bheavenbound Family Friends & Visitors Have a Blessed 2018 31 2017 U2Bheavenbound Family & Friends Thanx 4 the 2017 Memories Have a Blessed 2018 Happy New Year 2018 Address December 30 2017 Thousands Iranian Anti ISLAMIC Government Citizens protest Breaking News December 30 2017 News Thousands Iranian Anti Government Citizens protest Trump supports December 30 2017 Anti Government Protesters Chant Death to Rouhani Breaking News December 30 2017 Conspiracy or truth California Fires Microwave Laser Weapons UfO Aliens December 2017 News UFO over Southern California so people thought Breaking News December 23 2017 upgrading Permanent Military Bases in Syria BREAKING End Times News Update December 28 2017 Syrian Iranian Hezbollah Army @ Syria Israel Border End Times News Update December 28 2017 Israel preparing for War with Iran @ Syria Israeli Border End Times News November 2017 ISLAMIC IRAN demands USA Military out of Syria or ALL HELL will break loose December 2017 IRAN RISING vs USA Military in IRAQ Breaking News December 2017 Israel Air Strikes Iranian military bases near Damascus Syria December 2017 News ALERT Israel Netanyahu on Iran military buildup @Israel Border End Times News December 2017 Israel Jerusalem End Times News Update December 18 2017 Worldwide ISLAMIC HOLY WAR over Jerusalem & Israel End Times News Update December 18 2017 Putin warns RED LINE on USA LETHAL Military Weapons to Ukraine Breaking News December 24 2017 ALERT Israel Air Strikes Iranian military bases near Damascus Syria December 2017 News Iran Alliance in Syria near Israeli border Breaking 2017 End Times News update NATO ISLAMIC TURKEY to open embassy in Palestinian East Jerusalem al-Quds December 18 2017 Events End Times Bible Prophecy nations against Israel Breaking News December 18 2017 Iran Turkey in Syria @ Israel Border End Times Breaking News Update December 2017 Military head to Syria to combat Chinese Uighur Islamic Fighters December 2017 News North Korea Kings of East Bible Prophecy End Times News Update against Israel Armageddon DO U KNOW HIM ??? You too Be Heavenbound U2Bheavenbound Forgiven Loved Set Free 2017 Churches Calvary Chapel Brian Brodersen Greg Laurie False Teaching Rick Warren connections

Men are weak when it comes to sticking things out, this is why a part of me wishes men could be a mother to a child and have blood coming out between their legs then they would know what sticking it out means and being able to withstand the shit storm that comes pouring down. Women know how to do that shit. But men you guys are like children or a baby crying waaah waah it got too hard let me walk away and then realize I was just being a weak spineless piece of crap and now I want you back. SERIOSULY??? I'm happy that you have your wife back...but damn I feel bad for her. She needed a stronger man one that sees and knows her worth. One that knows that when the rain comes pouring down hard on her ass he builds a God damn brick house for her or pulls out a very thick umbrella. Not one that runs and hides and leaves her in the storm. Wow I feel bad for her. She so amazing that she even took his weak ass back. Damn somebody give her a Pulitzer, gold medal,Grammy, golden globe, and a fucking Oscar because she deserves it and women like her deserve it.


In Metalhead, when Clarke first boots up the computer in the van it shows:

Me Just me

Is it just me or r they the girls scarfed


Ja acabou jessica? I hope someone gets that

Jannopatrick Mista


Adelaide a day lied

I'm sorry to interrupt your scrolling there anyone (besides me) that only came to the comments to see if there was somebody commenting about WHERE IS THE FUCKIN GIRLFRIEND?Hope y'all have a great day🌈 be allys and support and respect your lgbtqia+ kids, parents, family members, friends and pals

José Toyos

Surely there is, but you know how people is when is related to the big N.


What was your favorite game to find Easter eggs?


Awesome work guru, really liked the DJ Khaled Easter eggs, but The Walking Dead Easter egg was sooo cool i never would have noticed that so thanks, keep up the awesome work cause I appreciate that, I'm loyal to you, was that good? Did I do good? Y'know the funny things is, I knew the tulips song was from insidious. I caught that reference. I'm showing it to my parents. Again love the videos, keep up the great work, I love these.

Misty 423

looks hella lit but i'm hella confused.

Nirvaan Chandna


senior autism

3:30 that wasnt a true 7 10 pickup.

JuSt FoR mEn YoUr EyElAsHeS.


Am i the only one who doesn't have Insta? 9:29 hits his neck ow my face covers face

trevase vincent

dude perect rocks

Total Trickshots


Billy Cobb

From what I hear the Watchdogs series has some pretty sad ones

Indranil Bose

Well, babies cause overpopulation so I don't like them.

Sans The Skeleton

In my eyes... No-one is ugly.

Wild Pickles

I want anorexia I would LOVE to b skinny but I’ll stop be for I’m a stick


2:50 te re das cuenta que es una tarjeta de credito o algo asi xd xD XD


Your videos look much better with the 60FPS, good job on the video as always!

Elijah Jourolmon

5 dollars

Trashy Stalker



What in the actual fuck! They abused her and her siblings????

Devon Duncanson

That face though 1:01

Repa Magalei

Your new video should be to reveal the face of who is inside panda

S Eller

Dat music make me feel uncomfortable


About the GoT ending... I feel you Guru :(

Dude’s Demolition

Nick DeBrujin me