Can The 1975 name their videos, from your comments?

Can Matty, Adam, Ross and George identify the music videos that these YouTube comments were posted underneath?Get more 1975 by watching their Live Lounge on BBC iPlayer - four awesome tracks!

thanks i was going to try skydiving this weekend.

Emma: PEAS

: please do not use the bible to insult someone

Reb Jeremiah Beltrano

wait I’m actually kinda pumped to see this omg

Kolten Adamczyk



I didn't know Naughty Dog made Jak and Daxter, I absolutely loved that game as a kid

Lil Asparagus

"Soon black balloons pop"

Arney Barcoma

go cody

Shakira Monica

It's killing me soo bad

Genius Idiot

I love the animation! The heroine tho... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Jonathan maldonado

Was that a giant rat? Lol wtf?

Max’s adventures! By Max

I love the Seattle Seahawks

Essa K


ah ** here we go again

Nikola Nikolesic

0:12 that sounds just like fall damage in minecraft wtf

Jake Jake


anand mahalingam

Who else is rewatching this in 2019?What's the name of song?

Raymond Lautenbach

, ., ""., """".,, lP


•Doggie Gacha•

this story cured my anxiety and depression

Mr.scruffles gaming


Fathel Guweda

Glad I'm vegan

Soccer and Games

Dude perfect can you please tell Anthony Rizzo I am his biggest fan

Delmy Figueroa

Film a soccer trick shots with FC Barçalona like if u agree

Sanidhya baku

I love this👍👍👍👍👍👍

Sid Somebody

Nice music taste, Guru.

16YearOld Sniper

Y'all should do a paintball stereotypes video!!!!!!