What is spacetime? Explained in one minute

Download your FREE infographic here everyday example that conceptually demonstrates how space and time are intertwined.Transcript:Spacetime may sound like something from science fiction, but the idea of space and time being one has been around for nearly 200 hundred years.In our daily lives we experience space as being multidimensional, yet time only passes in one direction. Based on these experiences it's hardly a surprise the idea of spacetime might seem strange. But maybe it's more familiar than we might think?If you want to meet up with a friend you arrange a time and a place. Because if you just arrange a place, then you could be waiting for them for quite a while, assuming you haven't already missed them.If you just arrange a time, then you could be waiting for each other in completely different parts of the world. From this example it's quite easy to see that space without time just doesn't make sense. To overcome this we define the universe as having 4 dimensions, 3 in space and 1 in time. So hopefully now the idea of spacetime doesn't seem so strange.Follow me on:Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheExtraordinaryUniverse/Twitter: twitter.com/EmmanigmaInstagram: www.instagram.com/emmanigma_/Credits:Written, animated and produced by Emma OsborneIdent by Brett JosefStart up funding from 'I'm a scientist get me out of here'Scientific accuracy double checked by Prof. Nils Andersson


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