Gaither Vocal Band - He Touched Me [Live]

Gaither Vocal Band - Official Video for “He Touched Me (Live)", available now!Buy the full length DVD/CD ‘Gaither Vocal Band: Reunited' here: at iTunes: for the Gaither Newsletter and receive $5 off your next online purchase: to Gaither Music YouTube Channel: to GaitherVEVO Channel: to Gaither TV: Gaither Music for updates on your favorite artists.Facebook: by a heavy burden,'Neath a load of guilt and shame.Then the hand of Jesus touched me,And now I am no longer the same.He touched me, Oh He touched me,And oh the joy that floods my soul!Something happened and now I know,He touched me and made me whole.Since I met this blessed Savior,Since He cleansed and made me whole,I will never cease to praise Him,I'll shout it while eternity rolls.He touched me, Oh He touched me,And oh the joy that floods my soul!Something happened and now I knowHe touched me and made me whole.#Gaither #HeTouchedMe #Vevo #Christian

Brady Coggins

How about a trick shotgame of horse

Bob Yang

I’m going to your show in Columbus


It will be good but right now I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE HELL ITS ABOUT

The Snooker Flame

I feel like Cory mucked up a little bit. He went frisbee and then he went soccer but if he went soccer and then frisbee I feel like he might have a chance.

Didi Dogster

wow, is this my mum.


I hope to meet Odell cause he’s from my state


I’m the last minute shopper for sure, lol


Aceo friends.........Where...?


I had it for 2 months once. Not as bad as 5 though. But on my first period, I went to the hospital. When I had it for 2 months, it was my second period 😱

Aparício Santos

very good


I want a mod that renames Murrine to Lieine

Michael Skolnick


Familie Gruber


dad: welcome to christianity, son

John Savage

lmao 2019 anyone?

Arick A4

In the call of the dead easter egg, the player voice is sound like harper

Luke Robles


《Vanessa The Cat》

The only thing symptom I don't have is thinking I'm fat or a bad person..


Tom Holland is such a bae 😍😍😍🐱

Moto Moto

Now thats a title.

Elma Elizabeth Martinez

Saludos cordiales atte gracias por su atención y colaboración prestada grasias

Lené van der Merwe

This was so incredibly and inspiring 😁😁

Ultimate gymnastics montages

0:52- AND I OOP-


I thought she was in Syria before she said she had OCD. Oh my gosh!

RedMirGal _says_hi

oh gosh

Keisha Apura

I'm crying here...I really love you guys thanko you for being my inspiration!! Advance happy anniversary BTS!

Xzavier Johnson

Sorry for your lost I’m crying

Marsha Mcduffie


Yousuf Memon


Cindy Shen

Hey dude my highest score is 64

William Villanueva

Seahawks because ducg ball win left

Jayden Marvel

For all you know the trailer music that we keep hearing will be Let It Go 2.0

sultan ahmad

i think it's the girl in yellow

Luis ortiz

Luis's sister

Entreposage Mansonville

Always team ty! 😉

Good Vibez

Almost all of these, I was like whatt?! No wayyy!!! Beaten the game and never have I thought...

Derek Maldonado

The being in the crate commercial was the second add I never skipped

Adam Fuse

#YIAYjob A divorce counselor obviously, she need to be prepared

Dylan Latell

God bless them all <3


who is watching in 2016?

Solving Forex

Ethan is possibly the greatest person on the planet!

Taekook shipper

Idk why but i don't wanna send my photos to anyone😑

2) the girl was obviouslly weak minded amd terrified to loose him. The only reason why she granted him the go ahead is because in her mind its better if she knows hes doing it then to tell him no and he do it behind her back (which is what WOULD of happened if she did say no. I can GURANTEE that.)