How To Answer The Fool (full film)

Please consider supporting the ministry that God has blessed me with: Apologetics explained and taken to the streets.Film released on April 1st 2013End Credits Song "Presupp" by Ivey Conerly (who was also the soundman for the film). Search for IV Conerly on Spotify.

Luc Lamarre

Soccer trick

I don't wanna play no games, play no games (Oh)



Alpha 1

the reason why funwithguru doesn't have as many subscribers as he should is for a reason that should get reconized, he doesn't do it for money, if you pay attention you will rarely see an ad, he doesn't seem to have sponsors. this is the king of easter eggs, and the reason why he don't have as much popularity as others is because he doesn't strive for it, I hope those certain people can understand this and be thankful for the time he puts into his videos more and stop hating, keep doing what you're doing. sub since 357 and not going anywhere


7 am waking up in the morning

Reid Gowan

My, how production value’s gone up in almost 10 years


yes, maby beacuse meny people copy this one


I absolutely love this, it’s so corny it’s perfect


I have watch diss video 4 times


gta v is huge step for rockstar games you cant imagine how realistic and brilliant their games will be on the xbox one and ps4


Ur iPhone game is hard

Emily Dulieu

I went to a mental hospital almost a year ago for the first time, and I'm going back next month for similar reasons to do with stress, anxiety, depression, suicidal tendencies and an unstable situation at home. It was a place that helped me so much in reassuring myself that I wasn't alone, and that my feelings weren't meaningless or laughable. Even though I have to go back again, I know it's a place where I can feel safe, safer than at my own home at times. I'm not saying that like my parents are abusive, but I have mild autism and they put high expectations on me and I only see my dad every few months since he moved away. My point is, by everyone looking in's standards, I seem fine. I do well at school, I have caring friends and my parents love me, despite all their own problems, but that doesn't stop me from feeling the way I feel. I'm just writing this in case anyone reads it who isn't coping themselves. Who feels trapped and doesn't know what to do. Your struggle isn't invalid and things like this are an option if you need it. No one has the right to belittle you, especially when the alternative might be taking your own life. While that may seem extreme it's exactly what can happen and I know people who have done it for the same reasons. There is always someone who cares, even if that someone is a complete stranger to you right now. The place I went to was full of kind and warm people who went through the same things I was going through and worse and better. There was room to breathe and it helped me pull myself together and get perspective. I haven't cut since I went there last time, and I know that even though it's slow and I have my ups and downs, I will get better. So please if you feel like you need to escape to the pint where you are even considering taking your own life, have a look for one of these places, it might just save your life. Sorry for the long post. XD.

dj magladon

dude perfect has really big heart

Lucas Jue



that can doanyone with soe practise...

Raph-Raph Vlogs

Dude some Filipino kids don't have parent #realtalk


This is some nice shit I love it

Aaron Walls

For a sec, I was getting pumped for a Punisher game. They had me fooled though. Lol

Yu Chan

3 6

Jamie Brown


min pye

I needed this. I'm a T-Roads person but I've never tried Outback. I always want to but can't get myself to choose it over T-Roads when they're right next door to each other!


Make it freemake it freemake it free


If you like Dude Perfect, then check out my insane basketball trick shot video!

Naimah Albiter

You have a disorder like the movie split


Me and this is so different

Ansley Jayde

I wouldn’t be embarrassed. OHHHH no no no I would not. I WOULD GIVE THAT MF A NUTCRACKER.

BluBird B

Um. Sorry, but I find this a little hard to believe. It's 2019, have you not heard of the Avengers, or

Hannah Messer

More all sport golf battles

Steele Goodman

Ty, throws a probably $200 bat, “I think we can buy 12 more”

Joshua Critchfield

Definitely a giraffe

Katy Salgado

When did shyla get pregnant

My brain; Don't say it

Siaunna Applesauce

I'm the one in the bathroom stall who told her to shut up lmao

Aya Nadim

d i s t r e s s e d

Guled Hassan

Better than everybody bro🐐🐐🐐🐐