Beautiful song Lord Krishna. Govind Bolo Hari Gopal Bolo - Krishna bhajan.Lyrics EnlgishGovind Bolo Hari Gopal BoloRadha Raman Hari Gopal BoloGovind Bolo Hari Gopal BoloRadha Raman Hari Gopal BoloGovind Bolo Hari Gopal BoloGopala Gopala Re Pyare NandLalaPyare NandLala Pyare NandLalaPyare NandLala Aaja MurliwalaPyare NandLala O Aaja MurliwalaGopala Gopala Re Pyare NandLalaGovind Bolo Hari Gopal BoloLyrics Hindiगोविंद बोलो हरी गोपाल बोलोराधा-रमण हरी गोपाल बोलोगोविंद बोलो हरी गोपाल बोलोजे-जे श्यामराधेश्याम, राधेश्याम, राधेश्याम,ओ री ओ मोसे मोरा श्याम रूठाकहे मोरा भाग फूटाकहे मैने पाप धोएआँसुवान बीज बोएच्छूप-च्छूप मीयर्रा रोएदर्द ना जाने कोईजे-जे श्यामराधेश्याम, राधेश्याम, राधेश्याम,विष का प्याला पीना पड़ा हैमारकर भी मोहे जीना पड़ा हैनैन मिलाए गिरधर सेगिर गई जो अपनी ही नज़र सेरो-रो नैना खोएच्छूप-च्छूप मीयर्रा रोएदर्द ना जाने कोई…जे-जे श्यामराधेश्याम, राधेश्याम, राधेश्याम,गोविंद बोलो हरी गोपाल बोलोराधा-रमण हरी गोपाल बोलोगोविंद बोलो हरी गोपाल बोलोजे-जे श्यामराधेश्याम, राधेश्याम, राधेश्याम,Song: Govind Bolo Hari Gopal BoloSINGER - Madhuraa Bhattacharya.MUSIC COMPOSERS - Gourab Shome.ALBUM TITLES -Sublime Bhajans.Lyrics: TraditionalAlso, Watch on Facebook - Link - Music - Music - Popular Krishna Bhajan: Shri Krishna Ashtakam - Krishna Sharanam Mamah -Krishna Hari Om - Govind Hey Gopal - - Krishna Hare Rama - Kanha Mukunda Manohara - Krishna Govind Hare Murari -Hari Ggopala - Jai Radha Raman Hari Bol -Krishna Hari Mukunda Murari -Krishna Radhe Krishna - comment and share the video with your loved ones.Like us on Facebook - us on Instagram - us on in. Pinterest - Below for More Peaceful & Religious Music Videos - The spiritual nature of music cannot be defined by religion, culture or genre* Music and spiritual life go together; one complements the other* Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.Spiritual Mantra for life the best destination for #KrishnaSong #aarti #krishnabhajan #krishna #bhajan #Radha #Govinda #GovindaBolo #GopalaBolo #Gopala #HareKrishna #RadhaKrishna #कृष्णभजन

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Wait so she does not like kids and now she is a teacher WHAT

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I absolutely LOVE the art style of this one. It's probably my favorite.


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At 6:37 theres an Easter egg to the girl that sais look at all those chickens


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Can you find and kill this 'Jock'? :D

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What depression kinda feels like