Top 10 Chappelle Show Sketches - REACTION!

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Cheryl Bailey

congratulates for getingyourTV show you are the best chanl

brad peabod

Was that Trevor Moore singing at the beginning?

Rianne Angelica Dela Paz


Skylar Flame


tojsiabkevua teb

Stop being mean to coby

i've waited all my life

As much as I wanted to be sad about this video, but APPENDICITIS isn't enough to kill someone. Unless it's something like sepsis or something went terribly wrong with the surgery (like something really stupid to an extreme extent) because risks of dying from appendectomy is very very VERY little. It just doesnt sit with me. I feel like it's a made up story or he has a condition that's more serious or his mom just made that story up so they could be apart forever. Sorry. Stop oversensationalizing appendicitis because it's not gonna kill you unless you don't go to the doctor.

Brick Wall

Mr Beast:Heres 100,000k bc u stayed in the wheelchair the longest.

Chris Wachowiak


Ducks are Watching

How do I get to nuke town 2025 for the arcade easter egg

Colin Donovan

according to my calculations i got this wraped up

Trenton studios



Really good story

Gacha.life1 maker Xxx

I am hope you are still trying hard I so sorry


I'd gtfo the game if I had to kill turtles..

Brian Cloutier

Nobody:Disney: Hey what if we made Elsa an Avenger?


in the last of us... later in that same mission there is a box in the toy store that is a jak and daxter board game

Gobinathan Subramaniam


The Lowlypack7

the last one is a reference to the final episode of the final season of Don't hug me I'm scared!

If you reference the film, he is an orphan taken by the agency and given the number 47 as his designation/name.

Denaris Storm

Ok hear me out: frozen.... as a horror movie....


Matthew Culbert

omfg galda nuckles at round 2!

Soggymuffin 0612

No one: Absolutely nobody: not a single soul: JaidenjHi yeah

S. Tagerius

I think I've come close to having a panic attack a few times.

John Barons

Thats not all u came up w cmon now


Home of the 12th man that’s Seattle Seahawks

Armi Unicorn

Who else is wondering what contry she lived in