History of Balaam (Bal'am Bin Baura) Urdu & Hindi

Asslam o ALekum Dosto! Humari aaj ki video Hazrat e musa ke Dor main guzre ek intehaye ibadat guzar aur bohut bare Alim par hai... Lekin afsos ke is ka ilm is shakhs ke kuch bhi kaam na aaya aur ye Allah ke ek nabi ke khilaf bad dua jese amal ka murtakib hua... Hum baat kar rahe hain Balaam (Bal'am Bin Baura) ki.... is shakhs ki mukammal tafseel janne ke liye video mulahiza kijiye....

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chaz howard

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Miller Sewell

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Yahya Saidin


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you forgot one easter egg:


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