Alan Jackson - Precious Memories (Gospel Songs)

Songs:01 - Blessed Assurance02 - Softly And Tenderly03 - I Love To Tell The Story04 - When We All Get To Heaven05 - Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus06 - In The Garden07 - Are You Washed In The Blood08 - I´ll Fly Away09 - What A Friend We Have In Jesus10 - Standing On The Promisses11 - Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus12 - Leaning On The Everlasting Arm13 - The Old Rugged Cross14 - How Great Thou Art15 - I Want To Stroll Over Heaven16 - Wherever He Leads I´ll Go17 - When The Roll Is Called Um Yonder18 - Sweet Hour Of Prayer19 - Precious Memories20 - There Is Power In The Blood21 - Only Trust Him22 - O How I Love Jesus23 - Love Lifted Me24 - Just As I Am


Many Easter egg. Much wow.

Bianca Barreto

Guys never see girls perspectives.... ugh

Dirty Rice


black man

For episode 100 could you do a 1 hour easter egg special?


What about Golden Freddy from Five nights at Freddy's?


justin bieber as nathan drake? But nathan is male, not female.


I think is a joke.


Mutual subscription 5 cakes around the map?

يوسف النجار


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So she isn’t your STEP mum she’s you MUM

Agent Zero

how about...Cory's wheel of doom!

myungsook choi

Wait. At 1:47 Joe said something about mechanical arms. IS DOC OCK IN THIS MOVIE??!!??!!

Joedan Mack

Billy was better

Fetters Family

4 years from today...

The Captain

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Meghan Yockey

Can we get some eyeshadow singles for all the broke bitches in the back?! 🙋🏻‍♀️😂

Megan Mackeson

Were is garret?


Division free because no ones playing it.

Give me support a creator EpIc

Oh yeah

Νικος Σουρλας

Είστε ελληνες

Me: No.

Taco Dude1017

Is that a fucking loss reference,


He’s such a good boi,yes he is :3

Drunk Turkey

Why is gamora???

Mikayla Mouser

I’m mikayla... sksksk

Samurai Red

It was an inside job, Obama did it- 2020

Ooi Snowyy

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Ali Resid

Wow those edits are hot!

Jack Strad

delay of game


I have a suggestion, Patrick Jane from the Mentalist has such a relaxing voice, especially when he's hypnotising people.