Epic funeral fails 2017

Elvira Gonzabay

Look what i have turned too

Ritz Crackers


Thanos Gaming

Do nerf gun challegeeeeeeeeeee


torn up youth

we were in new york so i was like shit maybe 911 again

El Carlos

Nice video Guru. Just one small detail, the name of the hotel where Jack Torrance worked was the Overlook.

Miguel Angel Zorrilla

Fotball trick shots with Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi

Slemke 98

Are you British? Just wondering because of how you spell centre

ACTUALLY HAPP- oops wrong channel

N Owl

I used to and still am to an extent the anxious type. I had on and off love from my mum as she has and still has very stressful work; as a result would fly off into rages up about the littlest of things. These rage usually ended in her hitting, kicking or smacking me, only after verbally abusing me and telling me at the ages of 4, 5, 6 and 7 that I was a failure both as a person and as a daughter. At the time I believed her.

KB the only one

Guys they should make a film about clash of clans,it would be awesome!!!!


when can we expect a genius interview

Abe Fa

O I wish you will be ok 😊


bree jones

Video: is meat unhealthy?



Brianna Scott

I love u guys ♥♥♥

Zachary Miller

Playing Halo 5!

mystery 478

Thanks for not putting in the Trump escalator episode, that people have been sharing thinking it's a craaazyy prediction.

Sarp Chetin

great joke I'm tired of the Same cod


2019 the year of celebrities in games.

Willy Bonka

I love your editing style so much, you’ve never changed it and I really appreciate it, great video as always Guru

Dat Boi Trump

this story is fake, there is no player on PS4 called Rome02 in fortnite



psycho panther

Surprised grayson didn't beat his ass

EXTREME Acids101


Wafa175 Smkari


Not even Me

Awesome video

Jeremy Martin

My dirt bike is bigger than theirs

knight brian benj dj hene

2019? anyone lol 😂

Millie Pandafox

Get it and find out

Tautai Aiono

Cool Me:*seizure*

Lisey happy101

Omg I love dis video!


Damn, i wish i coulda seen


I mean it's not like people just decide to get deoprted so...



Who else thought the mannequin was a person?

Army Jiminy

Minute Videos : My step mom is my real mom


I don't get the last one (the bottles)

mohamed yaseen

Am I right it took u 2 days. For the sling shot trickshot

Brottaly Swagical

Can you read me bed time stories you have a very smooth voice I like it (all homo)