President Trump and the new world order

CNN's Nic Robertson reports on how much the world landscape has changed after just one week with President Trump in office.

ben wallace

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Jack Rooks

Noooo that last one with shrek has ruined my childhood forever, fuck that's brutal haha


The sound of Sam Fisher's sped up running is hilarious to me for some reason


30k views in 3 hours? Damn Guru, you are getting famous. Do you remember what I told you?

El Paco

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Am i the only one thinking about the kid

The Cool Kid

Hades Legionnaire Gaming

wats the namebof the song

H20 pokemonTranier

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Rage monster at 1:30

Eyeball Paul

I don't understand the last one at all....

Ruby Finder

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Spanoulis 4ever

Noticed that when she started talking for this boy she stopped for the first time talking about autism... Thats Just amazing. Just know you are special and very Lucky!! ❤️

Kristin Millane

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00:00 a legend was born

Sans Man

Here’s the thing about being a Jedi. There’s going to be times were you take a lightsaber to the face. You don’t recover from that. That’s why we do training with whiffle balls.


@tonymlg91 uhm have you ever played mirrors edge?


The entire world is depressed and has anxiety and panic disorder. Why wouldn’t we? It’s all by design. Just look at mainstream media and social media. We never have peace because we’re always being F’d with.

Shane Vermaak

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I'll just get a dog that will be better.😊

Zoe Jean

Dude i live in ri of course ur loosing to us 1:48


truly truly respectable fighters...deserving of ovation

TANt _Brayday0418

60 yard shot for sure

GaMeIng With Fuad

3:25 trick shot is the best

Btw i love the music

Shreyan Arya

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I’m Here

I think I’m in love with Jen


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John Jasper

another dirty rap loving -------, u can see he harpooned himself into the crowd, knowing full well whites were all sitting there. u can see woman in 2nd row had whiplash, that's what the guy was responding to

Rezeas -

“ Real niggas is a dyin breed but I’m still maintaining “ 🐐

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Girls are capable of anything boys are 🙄

Her Dad Has Black Hair

Gaming With Mia

Im happy your child made it. Even if she was 4 months early, she was still able to continue her life.

Me : Awww this is sooo cuteeee 😭❤


I'm suprised you didn't put in the "big, BS (bull shit)" from the incredibles short film: Jack Jack Attack

Good luck to everyone! Problems or not, we all need some encouragement.

Ivan Labovich

Am I the only one that doesn't know what Fantasy Factory is?

Is the only reaction you need

Ruger Paetz

Travis should not go with the Houston Texans he should go with the Packers or the Giants. Go Travis!!!!


I wish you made all your videos with a gun on your hip! AMERICA FUCK YEAH!


The ? Should be Ned needs to spin the wheel