Do Hindus Worship Many Gods?

A talk by Dr Nick Sutton of the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies Continuing Education Department ( delivered at Leicester Friends of the OCHS.

J.K 24


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Not impressive

Evan Mayer

it should be jake paul

Priyanshu Singh

I am better Coz I scored 293

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Have y’all ever just take weird vids or pics of yourself and accidentally posting it

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I hate being pregnant because it's hard to born a baby but I love having a baby



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Do a video with Tom brady

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🇸🇷 found the flag!

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Awful. Elsa needs a redesign she looks terrible. Fix her now!

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I had/have the same injury it doesn’t go away. Rest ice and don’t over do it.

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you guys are amazing!! I wish I could do this.

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Why would someone state on social media that they have a relationship and other personal stuff. That’s like calling for an attention..

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Does any one else get 9 11 vibes

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Immigration joined the chat

Me: How the hell did I know? I haven't seen a Firewatch video in forever.

so, i was walking to the bus with my friend uwu. n she was asking normal questions. so she asked me if i agreed with the literal existence of people who like the same or all gender(s). n i told her how i was a bigoted asshole who hates everything. so like anybody she didnt really have anything to say. the next day everyone is treating me like anybody would treat braindead clowns like me. and i dunno why?? theyre all just bullying me uwu and im just so depressed naow!!! IM BETTER THAN EVERYONE REEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! why does everybody HATE ME??? anyways then i went and sobbed like a little bitch in the bathroom and a reasonable person told me to shut the fuck up bc im an annoying homophobic bitch AND I KEPT SOBBING BECAUSE IM THE VICTIM!!!! PITY ME!!!! PITY ME NOW!!!!!! i went home and told my parent so they switched me skools instead of asking me why the fuckle im such a b and now i met a clique of more assholes ok there we go

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We’re dude perfect and welcome to plunger trick shots! Didn’t think I’d say that today

me: all the time

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It's so hard to find love for me and yes I'm bi