Katie Hopkins: "Diane Abbott gets flak on Twitter because she's crap at maths not because of racism"

The infamous columnist popped by talkRADIO to discuss her book with Paul Ross and Carole Malone.Read more here:

Alex Eshelman

Trust me you're lucky you don't have school do you want to trade places

Strawberry _gacha


The Look Of Disapproval

Again that thumbnail... I want it

hayden ruiz

tbh i always thought there were like edited to make it look like they made it but i have no clue


when you get a helicopter in Battlefield for the first time

1.play for graphic



Vikas Mishra

Frozen 2: Trollhunter


Dough rat man's voice can't be heard if you turn the music volume off

Te Gusta Oficial

Papel : 65 centavosVídeo:65 milhões

Tri Striker2772


Oliver 900

We like your video

Jayasimha Reddy



Big thanks to Treyarch for putting in Easter Eggs that don't suck. So I enjoyed putting this together, really enjoying this game right now. Could we get this to 100 Likes? Would mean a lot. Thanks and hope you enjoy!

isabella Belanger

We're not afraid of the future we're afraid of repeating the past.


"Storyboard : Jesus"

A purpose filled life he hits inside the park

landen hearing

Holy crap that golf shot was epic.

j a n g m i a h

Well it depends...i think I’m more like an introvert, because I like being alone, not talking to anyone, I feel awkward when I have to approach people, I panic easily, I often feel insecure... I could be mute it won’t bother me x)


At 0:40 he looks like a gorilla😂😂😂😂

Terry Cremer

Exactly what PlayStation said about their new console.


Her: I had a crush on a 24 year old man


I ship👀

Me: "please show the starters, please!"

Keego’s Sports Cards

1:11You really get a size comparison

oofer potato.

Me: Oh dang they broke up.

John McCormick


Rus Ruthless

Nigga gave her shoes to put on lmao - G shit


Poor panda...

Noor salih

I think the Dolan twins should do the vape /drunk prank on either of them .

Essa K


She tries to escape the dungeons

Benjamin Dean

From ironic to iconic

Zap Gun

I have to say, over time your videos have improved more and more on all fronts. In this video in particular, it stood out that your research is on-point and you've made a huge effort to view the topic at hand from every angle you could, before drawing any conclusions. In some cases, you've even explained that drawing a conclusion is impossible to do with a satisfactory degree of certainty and why, and therefore it is up to the viewer to decide for themselves.


I just hope watch dogs legion and rainbow six quarantine can somehow come to steam.

Patricia Guzman

If i could give more than one like i would

H Embryo: has also cystic fibrosis


1 like = 36264284835247483653745438353772537353527373537352384958336356 prayers for this fighting family

Our school: the pe teacher is a pedo

CannonTD34 091208

50 million panda reveal

But I love that song. My favorite by far from them. Nayeon sounds much more natural to me in this song.

That’s Insane

This is when YouTube recommend me for 10 years now!!!!!!!

Erona Calloway

Pilot should of Known Better than to fly in that Weather

Brazen Brunette

Most of the time I want to commit suicide, because I don;t have much self esteem, I feel like I can;t do anything by myself, when I break something that i really liked and get upset over I get yelled at and it makes me feel bad, when I do art that I like she says "anyone can do that" then she just continues what she was doing. I have no friends, and my dreams always get crushed, I feel like there is no way to fulfill my dreams because how pushed I am. She won;t let me work or go on my own, I want a job but she says "you are not responsible enough and prove yourself" And in the beginning I just wanted to help her out with money and start going out on my own in the world. I'm 15, and I;m afraid I won;t be able to escape this till I'm 18. I don;t even know how to act like a real teenagers because years pass by with barley any contact outside, yes I may game and meet people online but you are most likely going to get criticize there as well... I can;t escape.

Matt Yaqin

J.K. Howling book got rejected 12 time!? How can i not know that.

Steven Smith

Nice job tiyler