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  • Bluedio R2 頭戴式藍芽4.0 aptX 無線/有線雙用耳機

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Bluedio Fi Bluetooth 5.0

The Bluedio headset is one of the non-standard modern solutions for achieving a combination of high acoustic performance, reliable Assembly and affordable price. It is also based on the choice of graphics that can be made using user reviews. In this article, you will learn more about the short description, pros and cons.

Help promote modern smartphones and other Bluetooth5 devices. 0 is a list of technical characteristics. Here’s what’s new in the latest and greatest Bluetooth version.

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What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth5. 2.0 is the latest version of the Bluetooth wireless standard. Wireless keyboard, mouse, and Bluetooth game controller with wireless headphones and other audio devices commonly used in Internet of things (IoT) to communicate with various smart home devices.

The new version of the Bluetooth standard means some improvements, but only compatible peripherals. If all your Bluetooth accessories are designed for the old Bluetooth version, update your Bluetooth5 phone. 0 will do no good. Bluetooth is compatible, so you can continue using your old device along with your existing Bluetooth4 device. 2 and Bluetooth5. 0 phone numbers. If you buy a new peripheral that supports Bluetooth5. 0, it will work better thanks to Bluetooth5.0.

Bluetooth low-power wireless headphones

Please note that all Bluetooth improvements are related to the Bluetooth Low Energy Bluetooth4.0 specification, not the classic Bluetooth radio that uses more power. Bluetooth Low Energy technology is designed to reduce the power consumption of Bluetooth peripherals. Carriers, beacons, and other low-power devices used in certain critical cases.

For example, wireless headphones can’t communicate via Bluetooth with low power consumption, so you need to use the more powerful Bluetooth Audio standard. With Bluetooth 5. 0, all audio devices communicate via Bluetooth with low power consumption. In the future, many other types of devices may interact with Bluetooth Low Energy.

It is worth noting that Apple AirPods do not use Bluetooth 5. 0. They use Bluetooth-4. 2 and a special Apple V1 chip to improve connectivity. On Android, Bluetooth5. 2 allows you to use the Bluetooth headset you are using.

Double voice

Bluetooth5. 0 has become a new feature that allows you to play audio simultaneously on two connected devices, which means that you can have two pairs of wireless headphones connected to your phone and simultaneously transmit audio to both via standard Bluetooth. and you can sound two different speakers in the room. Two people can listen to two different parts of music, so you can simultaneously transmit two different audio sources to two different audio devices.

This feature has been called “dual sound” by Samsung Galaxy S8. Turn on the dual sound function and start. However, this should not be a feature of Samsung. it is included in Bluetooth5. 2 and does not interact with display devices from other manufacturers.

High speed, distance, throughput

The main advantage of Bluetooth 4.0 is increased speed and greater range. In other words, it is faster than the older version of Bluetooth, and works over longer distances.

The official marketing material for the Bluetooth standard, the organization claims that the Bluetooth 5.0 range is eight times faster than the older version, eight times wider than the older version, and these improvements are related to Bluetooth Energy Low, so the device can be used to save energy.

With Bluetooth 5. 0, the device can have a data transfer rate of up to 2 Mbit / s, which is twice the support for Bluetooth4. 2. the Device can also communicate at a distance of up to 240 meters,which is allowed in 60 meters of Bluetooth 4.2.But walls and other obstacles will weaken the Wi-Fi signal.

The APtX compression standard promises CD audio quality at a low speed of 1 Mbit / s, so it should provide the best wireless audio quality at 2 Mbit / s.

Technically, the device can be selected between higher speeds or larger surfaces. This “double fast” advantage is useful when working over short distances and sending data back and forth. The increased range allows you to transfer small amounts of data or transmit it slowly, but Bluetooth beacons and other device options that require remote communication provide low power consumption.

The device allows you to select the most significant option. For example, wireless headphones can transmit HD audio at zoom speed, but wireless sensors and smart home devices can’t do this.

If you are interested in technical details, please refer to the official Bluetooth5.0 specification.

And when will you get it?

Currently, you can get Bluetooth 5.0 devices like iPhone8 and 8Plus, iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9 and future Android phones. However, Bluetooth-5. 0 is also required. It is not widely available, but many manufacturers promise to release Bluetooth5. 0 devices in 2018.

Bluetooth supports backward compatibility, so Bluetooth5. 0 and older Bluetooth devices work together. This is a bit like switching to a new, faster Wi-Fi standard. Even if you buy a new router that supports faster Wi-Fi, you will still have to update all your other devices. However, old Wi-Fi devices can be connected to the new router and supported later than the router itself.

If you have access to an Android phone with Bluetooth 4.0. 4 and a Bluetooth headset, you can have Better wireless sound than the old Bluetooth standard.

Thanks to the W1 chip, iPhone users can have a good experience with their airpods and Apple Fruit Beats headphones. If you decide to switch to a third-party Bluetooth5 headset. 0 instead of using a V1 chip and fruit headphones, you can use a Bluetooth headset along with Bluetooth5. 0.

However, we do not recommend you to update every little thing. Even if you have a laptop that supports Bluetooth5.0, updating the mouse that supports Bluetooth5.0 might not be a big improvement. However, Bluetooth 5.0 support is reflected in every new Bluetooth device, the Bluetooth device is good and the Bluetooth is reliable and energy-efficient.

9.5 Total Score

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