Bisogno-Bigorra ¡¡vaya compadres!!

#RaquelBigorra #DanielBisognoDel clásico ¡no me ayudes comadre!


And a Portal Refrence



latasha bright

dude perfect suck

Guinea pig Vlogs

Don’t you just love the music at the start

AfterLife Gaming

You guys are the best YouTubers ever

Naman Shah

coby won again

Pineapplequeen 17

My friends grandpa went to secondary school with JK Rowling, they weren't friends though

Nick Dubois

Team coby

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Poor lady I hope this doesn’t happen to me xD


Did anyone else think he said twin tower buster 😂


So you make easter eggs on your videos that are about easter eggs? EASTEREGGCEPTION

Joshua Margalus

Also, I don't think this was mentioned, in the Serious Sam Projection theater, they use sound files from Roller Coaster Tycoon

E Z G 1


cool beans

I'm so glad you're better💙 may you continue your journey through life with a strong heart and with your head held high, and may you grow stronger out of every difficult situation. God bless you💕


Christina Nadasi


Nolan Erskine

I’m cheering for weedy Gonzalez


I remember finding a body in an underground tunnel somewhere, i think it had to do with the Railroad. But the body's name said Marshall Mathers. Is that a reference to Eminem?

Guy Lahav


Håkon Engeset


only, awsome


Dude sorry to rush man but when ru posting up a new vid?


Undecided whether or not to buy this game. Does it play like Saint's Row 2?

Anandi Breen

I'm so sorry, God bless you and heal you

I didn't know what to write


In Cod Ghosts the award showcase their was a trophy for "2012" the movie about the world ending and it never happened in reality so it got thanked for the world not ending :)

Judy Chen

3:21 3:24

Stoner McStoned

do the creepers respawn after a while cuz my fucki.g skin got stuck on the bla ck part in the cave and i cant rwach ot

Eyeball Paul

I've never heard of "elder scrolls: skyrim" BOI! You say you are skinny, and I’m over here pigging out.

iPretty Princess

Where's my "no cramps" squad at?


Does anyone Else Think she looks Like zarya from overwatch in the start

Ya Boi

Q:How does this gurl know wat happened to Ned at home???

Gacha_potatos 1219

I think the panther was the best thing

adrispy ##

Can you do a Hispanic basketball 2

Srivatsav Kannan

Eye patches were used by pirates to see better


1:00 Rhys!!!!!!!! Bro bro bro bro 😍

Me: call the police.


depends on what console you use or pc, xbox 360 is X PS3 its square pc its E

Draco Distortion

Will there be a 100-year war between Galar and Kalos?

Javier Tome

How the Fuck is he still alive he would be dead since he is in 1918

Funtime avi 36

Please microwave liquid nitrogen liquid oxygen and a bunch of other cold things

Infinite Zilla

1:21 the rage monster😲

jack bois


markita peters

This was an eggsalent video

GWR 17


xXGingerSnapz owo

You said girlfriend..... Didn't you say they got married tho?? .,.

bharat sales

Congratulations Garrett

Nicolas Aragon

What about in GTA v when Michaels family are at the dining room table and you zoom in on Jimmy's laptop and its Nikko from GTA IV on life invader.

Swiss Ham

1:50 rip garret

Said Hov

Shingeku no frozen

Sean Rhein L Cabatic Cabatic Lee

do cap flick

Angie Brooks

you should film with the Harlem Globe trotters