Father Moses Berry - On Not Trusting Oneself

This is the second episode from my interview with Orthodox writer, speaker, and pastor, Father Moses Berry.In this episode, Father Moses discusses the importance of not trusting oneself.To learn more about Father Moses' work:Website:Brotherhood of St. Moses the Black:Ozarks Afro-American Heritage Museum:SUBSCRIBE!Understand your faith better so you can live it more deeply: FREE eBOOK ON THE ELDERSInterested in the lives and counsels of contemporary elders and Saints of Greece? Download a free abridged version of my book on the elders here: LET'S CONNECT!Facebook: DO YOU LIKE MUSIC?I’m writing and recording songs retelling the lives of the ancient Saints of Ireland! The music featured at the beginning of this video is from my song for Saint Brendan the Voyager: Links:YouTube: ARE YOU AN ORTHODOX ARTIST OR PATRON?Please check out Zosima Society, where we’re connecting Orthodox non-liturgical artists (writers, musicians, filmmakers, visual artists, etc.) and patrons!Instagram:

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