Awkward interview with Mike Tyson | Highly Questionable

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Technicalsk 1234

My favorite color is also lime green and my name is Garrett too😄

Lori Brown

8:14 admit that your in 1 of those parts in a movie

Allison's Theories

The giant at the end looks like the snow monster Elsa conjured to get kristoff and Anna out of her ice palace in Frozen.

jada djigo

Instead of her crying im crying for her, really sorry for your loss

Brian Radford

I feel so bad for her that I want to help

Eddie Carpino

Tennessee is better

snowingsea 123

It's okay Anna I still love you

RadGamerFTW _

Saints got robbed


Do soccer

Billie Grande

After this trailer:“Fan theories of frozen ll”“10 Things you’ve missed in the frozen ll trailer”“Frozen ll trailer reaction”


This guy inspiratird me to make animashons


How long have you been on youtube also how old are you


1:18 skips the Twitch/E3 stuff btw

1 eel


naruto uzumaki


Racine Ndiath

il ne vient pas le connetion est tres faible

BunnyGirl 21

The Stacu of Liberty

5:03 look how legit no Starbucks is in Africa but only Egypt and whit I think to be Morocco

sagesse the hebrew

tall people are endermen

Jonah The Baddie

I was diagnosed with bpd when I years ago, I'm only 21 but i've learned to control my actions for the most part, unless im under constant strenuous situations i sometimes break but for the most part I do a fairly good job of distinguishing whats real and whats my bpd- however in the past few weeks i have been experiencing like out of body panic attacks, where it feels like im in a video game or like the things around me arent real etc.- I had no idea that that was something that had to do with bpd, I learned something about myself from this video and now that I know why these things happen its going to make them a lot less scary. If there are any BPD sisters out there i'd love to have a conversation about it with someone who understands it, i've never been able to interact with someone with the same problem as me- peace & blessings queens

Russian international Youtube channel


Веселин Пенев

cant she just make her FB, IG account's contest be visible only by friends and no one else?

Myles O'leary

Dylan seems so awesome! He seems like a great kid

Jayden Freeman


Tasnim Ahmed

Editors:how many flowers do u want?


Lele, Juana and Rudy made a series on this. And it’s all directed by Rudy. So creative💕👏🏼


I was surprised to see that dinosaur

jeremy martin

@megadanny98 if you want trick shots then dont watch this fucking vidio

Bilimin Sırları

Everyone gets triggred...


Baseball stereotype

Duvette Alvarez

You are the best person

olvr LCS

i was diagnosed with bpd a year ago... but they are thinking it’s autism now...

Nathan Wood

Well damn Bond is a G

Angel R. Diaz Salgado


meme machine

lmao in the end xD

Wolfy BlueJay

Ethan... He Wasn't Real

Bil ceifer teh dorito

Plot twist,her parents are alive and she will find them,kinda obvious if you think about it


Garret is the most like us dad

Ryker McDaniel



41:51 So zombies is actually Samantha playing with her toys? (Richtoften,Takeo,Dempsey,Nikolai,& the zombies they are..just toys?!?!.Plus the perks are just refreshments?!So everything is just toys?!?!


Methadone and Xanax, take it together and you won’t feel anything, so long as you don’t mind being half retarded all day

Arbin Salam

make part2 for this video