Avenged Sevenfold - A Little Piece Of Heaven (Video)

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team ty

hehe Xd

Im wondering if giants foretold that Atreus will be fighting with flying robots and green big doctors


Lil skies copied bill saber with that hair model.

tomer s

it was look like connect four


hold 6 for disco dancing

Buddy Is Bored


my name is Elijah

Plot twist: I didn't know what to write

big greezy

How do you feel tie to when and how do you have that dog 🐕

In my country mental facilities are horrible, they mix people who suffer from suicidal desires with people who suffer extreme mental disorders, the buildings are horrible and patients are mistreated. They don't help them, they drug them until they are "calm"

hoee. Hoee

My grandpa died when I was around 6 or 5 but I let go.I still cry when somebody's brings up grandpa stuff.My other grandpa he died when I was not even born.And I loved the other one. We would always play and have a good granddaughter and grandpa days!😩😫😖

Rico Mataia

the Long BALL

Anonymous 04

I have lots of acnes of course I always compare myself to other and when I’m talking to someone of course I hate it when I make eyes contact but they look at my acnes instead..

Not including all the pokemon is the opposite of what the company is about. Every pokemon is someone's favorite.

Daniiel Willis

Itsyaboi !!!

Giulianna Davila

18:17 wut did emma get them into 😂😂😂🤣

Daniel Tivig

Play with the avengers


twice bisexual

Clorox Bleach

Battlefield 1 Killed infinite warfare, as a whole series cod has a amazing history watch it lol

Shashwath Aiyappa

Burj khalifa


Love Jacks caretaker

James Lee

Many thanks guru

Matson Durrant

I Love DudePerfect

your neighbour

I feel Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad

Evan Tarnowski

I love how the voice actor laughs at the end of the journal.

Naomi Parnaby

taeme gar fr

Thedra Dortch

Awsome i love your music sosososo much.😍😍😃😃😀


Tbh dude perfect the only channel that hypes up the end of the video.

Ikram Rauf


Kimberly Baughman

Best Sounds:


Is the guy that face Ty from stranger things if not they look alike


Não gostei, as crianças podem sentir medo. Penso que alegria e amor são sentimentos nobres que precisamos passar para os pequenos.

Von Vex

Complex with the PS1 graffix


Where have you been Guru?

i will boop you, bitch

basically my whole family is either a druggie, alcoholic or smoker lmao

it's a bad hide seller's container ^^

Kerem Ermiş

Outro for CyberKeanu :)

Andrew Burns

Pretty sure hand grenades are contraband in most games of paintball....

Am dating a guy way older than me his like 16 years older but never hearted me but his also taller than me he has big ass muscles and he have some tattoos to but does it look the same way you're explaining cuz these different anyways but now I am hella scared


Son los putos amos

francis montplaisir

Kid guru its good to ear you i have a question for you q&a ep1: can you plug a web cam and show us your self

I angered my bird

Matthew Frazier

Biased reviews

Izabela Rocky


Vivi Phoenix

This video was corny as fuck, nerd overdose...wanted to skip a few seconds...but entertaining to see the outcome..plus boy needs to work on his GAINZ dayum lol!!

Brandon Beltran

Need Steph curry

Sebastian Martinez

Omg so sorry I want to cry so so so so sorry

im salty.

Nibbachu The Pokémon

Girl: fails a final and get a b