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Logan Dowell

how do they have the plaques ready?

Amelie Vern

I'm a tomboy too, I guess


they dont do these shots the first time

Theresa Garcia

Why didn't he recruit kawhi

Sarah Gallart

I wander if this is actually true

Denise Küster

I recently came out to my mom, not as lesbian or bi, I just said "I think... I like girls more than boys."

Vilma Delotavo

OK 👌


Channel is called bro perfect

Rayyan khenaizi rayyan rayyan

Dude 888111


Ricardo's pop shots are real


Brett Schoenhals

That was GREAT ! FINALLY they do something without bashing Trump every 5th word ! See, it CAN be done !

Morne Thiart

You should try out cricket

Van Kids TV


JStoner Ganjasaurus

Thank you for making this short. So good not to hear the cringy fake cheer especially that one guy yelling out WOOO YEA!!

dobby dies well f*ck

Sports Master

Nice vid. Can't believe you got Odell beckam Jr. On the video

Shanda LaForge

Tom Brady

fresh like GUCCI fits

I installed the game it's fun


that david blaine shit is hilarious

Awesome Guy

Damb guru kid back at it again with the Easter egg videos

lil bacon

I naw down on taki's


1:37 Guru easter egg (bottom corner) Nice one guru👍

Top 32 in U.S

kurama bijuu

Yep i use boy cloths and cut my hair but they knew just that they did not let me and people got mad of me but at least i was able to do what i wanted since little

when I come back I want to see LOTS of likes.

Nino De Feo


Wrapped around my neck, a rope

Darren Villanueva

Cabbit also appears in Saints Row 2 and 3, and in another game by Volition, i think.

Bruce Wayne

somebody call 115!!!

Gavin Saxey

Look on the left at 1:40. Is that Tyler's dad? Is it panda?

Kid Flash

So when you said you hate everyone then that means you hate your family just because they’re sick.

Quand tu veux dire Salut et Allo en même temps, donc tu dis Salo-> Salaud....

J.K Joker

That's the weirdest most sweetest romantic thing ever😄

Giancarlo Spitaletto

And at 7:11 this is what u call a try hard

Dragon Beast

yo what about cod in map town zombies we hear a crying baby, replay if you read this okay ?



I love how theyre using PSP dissidia type models for it. And didnt forget the fact Squall wears a puffy ganster jacket instead of the fitted sleeves.

Moon Playz

Omg...Im crying...

Aron Lupa

Wooow Amazing!