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oz muro

This makes me so happy seeing these kids having fun

Humble Weeb

Kylie Jenner making people feel poor for 19 minutes and 31 seconds straight

Cat Comeau

I dont know if anybody else is there for you but I will always be there watching your every video no matter how long or short.

joey berhmann

The first Easter egg is the end credits

Charlie Patootie

My first job was when I was 10

Stephanie Rowland

Annie you are the girl

Wyatt Peterson

2:09 look at Cody

Assassin Wolfie

faze rug may I make a song about you

Justin Isaacs

That happened to me for a semester I was 8

Hockey is lit STD

When ever they throw something I think their lazy

Papa Kepler

I'm gonna be the immature one.


at the start it was Cory or coby

Oskar Blayden-ryall

Instead of dude perfect dp dirt bike db

Webb Constable

i dont think both of the twins have ever been a finale together even when it was three people

Lydia Mackey

Im DyInG oF cUtEnEsS 🥰

Alina Bueno

in scared to tell my dad to stop drinking....Like 2 or 1 day back then he only drank but it gotten worse once he yelled at me and hurted my feelings really bad he made my new year's and birthday bad im scared to talk to someone i need help

Saam Redshuz

ND ? Nathan Drake ?


Awesome video! Although I'm not entirely sure that's a reference to sugar land. It just looks like a generic platter of chocolates.

The Canadian Car Guy

I was hoping to see that modernized Yugo Easter egg on here as well...

N3a Costel

Nikei forever

CamoCommander 369

Sounds like a Disney movie

The Sandman

Ахахахха, не ожидал увидеть хардбасс :D


First song was mario

Rafael Santos

Coby os the best one!!!!!!!!

Mr. Awesome Cuber

keep shaving your eyebrows so i can tell the twins apart


7:46 - "Matilda". :)

Isabel Alvarez

Wierd al is the type of guy to put this stuff in his music. One of the many reasons I love him.



I'm about to slap her anxiety up...


Heart warming


Steph scores 27 and Leshannon and Chip say he was disappointing because he did not score 35. These guys are trash.

Drake Nelsen

Do Joel Lanning Iowa state Linebacker like if agree

Jennifer Waldron

Their dads are so energetic! Especially Ty’s dad.

julian 2005

Get king of randim on a video

sandra totty

I’m sad

Adam Hargis


Tiny Squire Gaming

The sports part was like the song Happier

lord fireman

can someone explain why the sword impales you after six kills without dying. 

Michael Schuman

Nice spoiler warning for a 20 year old movie


The ending made me giggle.


А brilliant knopp

Patrick M

Who's looking in 2017?