Religion Debate with Richard Dawkins - Is The Bible Still Relevant Today

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Shea Milan

I'm that person with long legs that's always in the front lol and all I can say to them is, I ain't SLOWING DOWN.

Morgan Timm

Best fticken double play at 0:00


The return of Talos, in its own video this time! Croteam (developer) knock it out the park when it comes to easter eggs in their games. The Talos Principle is also a really good game, if you like Portal, you should like Talos. Thanks for watching!

Rizal Hamdhani

Ples give game in the android

Namash Singh

Haha! This is me 😂💕

Boy from Barretstown

Moana vs Elsa wow

Hannah's Gaming channel

That is so sad I finished the video in tears 😭

Octa's LP

nice video dude but who spend so mutch time in Nembro Palace I do my missions give them up and than I go I do not spend much time on Hutta. And well I don't know all the movies except Star Wars. I think in SWTOR are lot more easter eggs in Nar Shaddaa or other planets than u showed somthing from Zakuul if u dont know all the movies u will never observ this

When there was no one there and I was depressed I pulled myself out of it so out of eveyone I know my biggest Ally was me

Threatfull 'AKA' Gio

It would be so awesome if you would ever start a playthrough channel, or made playthrough videos :D I would watch them all for sure!


And I thought cramps and migraines were horrible...migraines make me feel sick



I volunteer as tribute!

Charley Letham

the end


2:28 dat dab

Chiara Lynn Lauglaug

2018 anyone

X.yeyos.X Kkk

Did you play football


Oh great

Jay Towerz

I woulda slapped him

Kellan Dzik

No I didn’t know it was Checkers


Once again, another great video as usual. Also can you tell me where that bonus simpsons video is? you really hide it well.


And oh boy, he was so mad that he couldn't get into my head and play with it.

virra ramallosa

Pls we try ty and Garrett


Another thing the only thing that really makes me happy now and days is music.

Emma Biehn

can you make a pool float with only duct tape and straws

Suaibu Jallah

I will graduate secondary school (middle school) tomorrow.