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Intel Core i9-9900K Review: Ridiculously Fast But Better Than AMD's Ryzen 7 2700X In Games?

Intel Core i9-9900K Review: Ridiculously Fast But Better Than AMD's Ryzen 7 2700X In Games?

19.10.2018 - Forbes

We now have two 8-core CPUs, but while the Core i9-9900K features hyper-threading, giving it 16 threads, the Core i7-9700K, only has 8 threads from its 8 cores, lacking hyper-threading. It seems that Intel is moving away from offering hyper-threading...

Intel Core i9-9900K is the new champion of the consumer CPU world

Intel Core i9-9900K is the new champion of the consumer CPU world

19.10.2018 - PC Gamer

The AMD versus Intel CPU wars have been going on for decades. Intel hasn't relinquished the crown for the best consumer processor since it launched the Core 2 Duo line in mid-2006, reclaiming it from AMD's Athlon 64 X2 line, and for nearly a decade...

Intel Core i9 9900K processor review - Introduction

Intel Core i9 9900K processor review - Introduction

19.10.2018 - (press release)

Core i9 9900K where is the 9800K, right? Well, I guess Intel has got some reserves left for later. The new 9900K is the much-discussed answer to the AMD Ryzen 2700X. It has eight cores, SMT is enabled thus you have sixteen threads and Intel would...

The Intel Core i9-9900K Review: Competition Renewed

The Intel Core i9-9900K Review: Competition Renewed

19.10.2018 - PC Perspective

Still, this performance gap existed, leaving room for what Intel is launching today, their first 8-core mainstream consumer processor, the Core i9-9900K. Finally having core count parity with AMD, and still holding an advantage in single-threaded...

Intel Core i9-9900K: Like a Boss

From the 1st stage of the release of numerous eight-core processors, which AMD has discovered, avoided one and a half years. All without exception, the data one and a half years “scarlet” firm felt in case if not a scientific and technical favorite, in this case, as well as at least a trendsetter, as similar multithreaded services similar positioning of the opponent was not. But from this day on eight-core Ryzen cease to be a huge rarity. Intel eventually-in this case, has completely improved the design of its own FOURTEEN-nm semiconductor crystals, and processors with eight computable cores, assigned to the public platform, will now become her.

It is no secret that the production of similar eight-core was with the aim of Intel principle problem. Time back the firm had previously refined its own regulations with the aim of numerous buyers and instead of Quad-core processors Kaby Lake began to recommend six-core Coffee Lake. But to be called undoubtedly the best kind in own niche they in that case did not get absolute authority in any way. Despite in this case, the fact that the Coffee Lake microarchitecture perfectly expressed itself the presence of single-threaded or limited multi-threaded overload inherent in the purpose of numerous desktop add-ons and games, in the case of well-parallelized resource-intensive problems, the most significant efficiency was offered by eight-core AMD Ryzen. For this reason, the processor giant designed and passed the 2nd period of modernization, in consequence of which its numerous processors are required to be more fruitful than competing conclusions earlier in the absence of one or another-or remarks.

Intel OCTA core innovations, of which I shall speak in this article, as part of the ninth generation of the Core architecture and form of themselves a single family Coffee Lake Refresh, adults regulations means not simply acquired in vychislimykh 2 cores more than the usual Coffee Lake, however, did not lose the presence of the values of clock frequencies. Together with the data they preserved entirely compatible with the broadly popular platform LGA1151v2: processors Coffee Lake Refresh function with the original boards in the set-based logic Z370 (and its shortcuts) and is registered in it after all, 95-watt thermal set, like its predecessors.

In a consequence, appears extremely tempting for the purpose of final users a situation. With the filing of the company AMD in trading desktop concepts there was a real revolution. Because of the past one and a half years, numerous processors have doubled the number of computable cores, due to which the efficiency of public ordinary PC users has increased significantly. Moreover, this happened in the absence of a significant increase in the cost of the platform: this Intel today is located to implement its own adult eight-core processors of the Core i7 class, starting from the specific price of the 1st core to the degree of $46. In this case, after a period of two years back in the Quad-core overclocking processors Core i7 one basis turned out to users in $ 84.

The changes that have occurred in the processor trading are an extremely joyful manifestation for the purpose of enthusiasts, yearning according to the computer “arms race”, which has not been expressed for a long time by practically any colorful events. But in this case, after all, the period of individual PCs began to become irrelevant much faster, and the installation that another 2 years back had the opportunity to be regarded as the tip of perfection, to date, in the best case can be systematized as well as a conciliatory kind of mediocre class. However, therefore the unit given, what absolutely all this, who does not seek to be very much behind with progress, it’s time to think seriously about the transition to innovative eight-core? In this problem, I will try to give an answer to date, analyzing these advantages, which can be purchased by placing a bet in the latest Intel chips, which firm is not ashamed to call the best in the event processors for the purpose of gaming.

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Dachte ich mir schon - Core i9-9900K: Intels Achtkerner ...

wie sollen denn sonst 5 GHz für ALLE Käufer bei gleicher Strukturgröße drin sein. Macht die CPU für Overclocker ja schon wieder uninteressant, ob 5 oder 5.2 oder ...

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