Ben Shapiro Highlights @ Religious Freedom Debate KTTH

Highlights of Ben Shapiro from Religious Freedom debate, hosted by KTTH here:

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Cpc 360

Yes a fresh new start I gave up on rainbow when the tryhards came the is good though

Zoe Yaeger

Love their videos, but do u ever cringe at some of their celebrations 😬

Me:is this bish for real? Everyone has flaws even you! And the way she dressed?! Girl she can dress the way she wants to your not her fucking mom or dad!

you already know

this happened to me, but i’m only in 9th grade and he has a girlfriend.

hi bob


Jr Woodson

1:18 S.A. how mine times are you going to say that nonsense. He got some rings!!!!! because of that team he's on. Before that nothing!!!

Cassandra uvhagen


Postacie super, mimika twarzy super, czarny boss zachowuje sie jakby naprawde wypowiadal te slowa. Dac im inteligencje tylko jeszcze. No i oczywiscie GB pamieci. So now, I learned to accept myself for who I am. Defend yourself, and be brave. Don't let others bring you down. I'm very proud for being myself. I still get bullied in my school and the boys still call me a Freak. But if they bully me, I would stand up bravely to myself, and ignore them. I'm proud to be ME. So now, I have a positive attitude towards school and at home, I made also a few new friends, and became the highest in my class.


Let's just say that Bacon is the Window of opportunity to an amazing breakfast(:


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Aileen Ventura

Mate I have a bloody crush darn my actions were unnoticed

Super Namek

what the hell hit that field goal post 


My birthday is march 24 i love you guys

One Punch

Now all we need is a ff6 remake.

Savage Baller

Fan mail address please?!

Schlachten Gaming

Why didn't yall call the damn police for gods sake

Shelly Kalsi

June 5 is my birthday the day right after June 4 💖

Christina The Idiot Alien

I succeed in being lazy.

B tv

I now it 2017 but I just went there

Ariah Lynn Anderson

1 like= one more life saved and not taken by parachute.


Cody just tongued that fish..... 🎣 👅

McNoob .Tier

Thanx for the jump scare warning

lOgIc: 100 👌🏾

Isya Burki

WTF JumpScare


“It may not seem like a lot of money..”

Sơn Trần

1:55 R.I.P plane TT

10 thousand subscribers With bad videos

There's a car in the back at 0:22

Noob saibot

Slav the war


These vids are always so touching

Anthony Wilson

All Ty. Go fuck yourself. I wish everyone broke away from Dude Perfect because of your constant need to be the center of attention and need to be in every camera shot of every video taking 90% of the trick shots while the other 4 do one. Bullshit. Go fuck yourself Ty, you little bitch.

KEGFamily YT

Do football please do football everyone who saw this if they could like that would be awesome

xxhypergirlxx 211

Who else thought the lady from the first bit sounded like jaiden animations?

Chaz Pearson2121

1:29 he moved the match

Oliver Pabich

has garret not joined

gladys solorio

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LiV_Josh henry

You fight him

Mom: stop using the phone and put some ice on it

Kenan Kayal

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ash waits

Girl "Life is finally getting better for us"